NoseSwab™ was created out of a personal hygiene and health need.  This ingenious idea and product was developed in South America.

The average person might see this idea and product as a simple hygiene device, but at NoseSwab™ we have found it to be an extremely useful item for daily use for many people. NoseSwab™ was created by an entrepreneur in South America after a nose surgery which left him with severe breathing and nose cleaning problems. NoseSwab™ was created as a new device to aid with the post-surgery conditions, nose cleaning, and so much more.

The main idea for NoseSwab™ came about for Nose cleaning and hygiene following many years after a bad Nose surgery intervention which left the NoseSwab inventor with breathing problems for 8 years and constant Nose impurities cleaning issues. It was not until his daughter started Dental University he came up with the idea.

The inventor found a thick cotton supplement used by dentist when he started making his own NoseSwab™ with a mouth stick for his own testing consisting of over 10 samples. Surprisingly, the samples worked very well and reduced the breathing issues as the nose impurities were kept clean for over two straight days.

After that discovery, the inventor decided to look for a manufacturer and suppliers to produce his product idea. He received help from an architect for the design of blueprints, and a couple of Doctors for the care of the nostril.  After many tests, the NoseSwab™ was created.





The cleaning process is as simple as inserting the NoseSwab into the nostril, gently rotate and blowing to catch impurities on all nostril surfaces for 30 seconds, then discard the NoseSwab.   





To prevent allergies, you need to keep your nose clean. Pollen sticks inside your nose. Having pollen in your nose can worsen your allergies.



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NOSESWAB_EDITABLE__Mesa de trabajo 1 cop
NOSESWAB_EDITABLE__Mesa de trabajo 1 cop


Insert the nose swab
into one nostril, gently
rotate and blow
to catch impurities
on all nostril surface
for 30 seconds, then
discard the swab.


Use a 2nd swab
and repeat step 1
in the other nostril.


Only if you feel more
impurities, repeat
the cleaning process
in both nostrils using
new swabs.

NOSESWAB_EDITABLE__Mesa de trabajo 1 cop

Nose bleeding use:
Introduce a Nose Swab
into the suffering nostril
to clog blood vessels
bleeding in the nose
for 10 to 15 minutes while
leaning forward until
bleeding stops. If there
is too much blood
subsitute the Nose Swab
for a new one. Search
for medical assistance.

The innovative NoseSwab has been put through over 2 years of testing in the following scenarios:

Helps Allergy Symptoms Nostril Cleaning; Post-Surgery Care Assistance; Nose-bleeding Treatment and Cleaning; Tested for Sport Activities Where Deep Breathing is Necessary During Practice.


Developed and designed carefully for these intended uses, the NoseSwab had multiple blueprints and 12 factory samples until we reached the proper shape and raw materials to address the intended uses.

Work Place

We inhale dust and smoke elements regularly at work.  NoseSwab’s unique design can help prevent build-up of impurities in the nostril. 

Sports Application:

Can be used for high-contact sports where deep breathing and nose bleeding may occur.

Potential use:

Help with Allergy Symptoms-Keeping nostrils clean will help with allergy symptoms.; Nostril Cleaning; Assist with Nose Bleeding.


Jacky Sanders


. . .

I tested NoseSwab for my constant allergy symptoms. I've used it every day for cleaning my nostrils of pollen and it has eliminated the itching.

It also takes out the buildup of impurities we breathe in on a daily basis. 

Erika Sambrano


. . .

Using NoseSwab for the first time I've been happy with how it deeply cleans my nostrils. I've tried adding a nasal saline solution to the swab for daily use

which works great.  I love this product!

Gregory Robinson


. . .

My first impression was that the NoseSwab was too large, but the elongated tip and swab length fits and works perfectly to catch impurities in the nostril.

I'm impressed and happy with this product. 

Jason Mac Henry


. . .

The NoseSwab design is the first that I've seen of this type of product.  It feels different in the nostril but cleans deeply during sports practice. It's also been 

great for dealing with the occasional nose bleed for me and my children.   I'm very happy with the results of using the NoseSwab. 




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